Group of Volunteers Translating and Publishing a Comic
"Barefoot Gen" by Keiji Nakazawa

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                  Keiji Nakazawa pinx

@eBarefoot Genf is a popular comic novel which ran in a weekly magazine. At that time, more than two million copies of the magazine were published every week.
@@The herofs name Gen means a root or a source in Japanese. The cartoonist  Keiji Nakazawa said the following, confiding to Gen about his wishes: I  want Gen to become a source of the new generationfs strength with the  strength to say no to oppose nuclear weapons, stepping on the scorched  earth in Hiroshima with his bare feet and feeling the firm ground on his  feet.
@The cartoonist had a hellish experience of the A-bomb when he was  seven. In an all-action comic-book format, he describes the miserable  state of Hiroshima that had the first atomic bomb in the history of  mankind and the way of living there after that in his comic eBarefoot  Gen.f He says that most of the story is true.

  @Gen loses his father, sister and brother in the roaring flames. He meets an orphan named Ryuta who is the very spitting image of his brother. Their way of bearing up well under difficult circumstances and living strongly and manly makes the readers touched.
   Gen in the English version is going to tour around the world and keep telling about the importance of peace, the terror of atomic weapons and the stupidity of war.
@@Project Gen, a volunteer group in Japan, started to produce the English version of ten volumes of eBarefoot Genf through Last Gasp in the US in August 2004. Vol. 1, 2, 3 and 4 were published and the rest will be subsequently published one by one.