Group of Volunteers Translating and Publishing a Comic
"Barefoot Gen" by Keiji Nakazawa


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Letters from the readers

Book Reports from Elementary School Pupils

Misaki Shoda
I thought Genfs dreaming of his father, sister and brother means the importance of family for him. The idea of losing my family members scared me.

Miku Ushiroyama
Through English and Russian versions of Gen, I hope people in the globe will stop war and live in harmony.

Mao Ogata
Seeing those pictures, I was horrified with them. I thought the lines in balloons furthered the terror. After publishing the English version of Gen, I would like to read it, though it would be difficult for me.

Momori Ohude
I think Genfs father was right because he was against the war. I want to do what I can do to stop wars and what the people in conflict-affected regions need.

Kazuteru Fujita
What is the most horrifying for me is the fall of the atomic bomb that killed most people there. And Gen is the eyewitness of that scene. I have a lot of things to know about this story.

Nana Todo
I feel very sorry for the victims who wanted to drink water just after the drop of the atomic bomb. Gen lost some of his family after the atomic bomb. It must have been harsh for him.

Haruna Honda
I think wars are horrifying. There are many people who are fighting even now. Why donft they hope a peaceful world?

Soraya Taniguchi
I half cried, while reading Gen. I wish I had Genfs braveness. He supported his family, which impressed me.

Daichi Sano
During the war, people were in need, so they didnft help each other. But Gen encouraged others and helped them. It is amazing.

Taku Koga
I am glad to see him recover from the loss of his family. I want to make efforts to work for world peace.

Masashi Nishita
Even though Gen lost his father, sister and brother, Gen lives actively and encourages people around him.

Kazuya Yata
Most of the people around the epicenter of the Hiroshima atomic bomb blast died. We want no more atomic bombs. Without wars, people would live longer.

Yuria Akasaka
I cannot imagine the life without my family. But Gen witnessed deaths of his family members.  The atomic bomb deprived Genfs mother of her life as well as a lot of peoplefs. No bones left after her cremation made me sad.

Makoto Kobayashi
I was scared of the scene in which victimsf melting skins with sharp broken pieces of glass hanged down limply. And I donft like the idea of my parentsf death and my baldhead. I hate wars.

Toshiki Furuta
As a boy, Gen lost most of his family. He must have had a lot of plights.

Hikaru Takayama
Gen survived the atomic bomb standing behind the school wall which blocked the blast, but a woman who was talking to him died in front of him.

Mika Nagai
I had been happy to see his mother have a baby Tomoko. But Tomoko died spewing blood and his mother also died leaving no bone after her cremation. I hate wars. I hope there will be no wars.

I realized after reading gBarefoot Genh that war is horrendous. This book made me think about horrendousness of wars and current peace of the world. 
Now everyone in my class is being absorbed in Gen.

Takuya Sakamoto
If there were a war now, my family members including me would not survive. Current news of wars gets me worried. I think seeing death of human beings is very sad.

Miyuki Kyosai
I thought gBarefoot Genh described the reality of the war. Gen set his wits to work to make money and feed his sister Tomoko.

Shinya @Kitano
It was a very sad story.

Misaki Kobayashi
I didnft know a lot of people had died in the war and was shocked and I am sad to see 70 percent of the story was real. I really hope there will be no wars.
I was impressed with Ms. Asazumafs effort and hope she will continue the work.

Reina Tanaka
I thought I had known the cruelty of wars, but I got to know the reality of war by reading this book. Deaths of his friends and babies make me sad.

Takuya Sakamoto
After reading this comic book I realized the true fear of wars. These days I hear the word of gwarh. I am scared with it.

Miyuki Kyousai
Gen is trying to feed the baby sister Tomoko rice by saving money.

Misaki Koabayashi
I feel very sorry for the people dying during and after the war.